Molly Baker photography, model: Emma Roses  

this project is called the “wash away project”. this project is about resilience. the resilience to overcome personal shadows, adversity or anything that has made them feel small, out of their control or powerless. The people in the photos write the word (or words)that represented their own personal adversity they have faced in their lives either on their face or any part of the body they choose. They are then splashed with a bucket of water to “wash away” the word that once held them back. The water represents the resilience to not let a word dominate who you are and what you are limited to. You are yourself. You are not the struggles, the choices nor the faults you have. You are who you choose to be and no person or “Word” can tell you otherwise. You just have to have the heart and resilience to make that choice to “wash away”.

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    I love this girl. Emma is by far one of the most beautiful individuals I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting.
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    sleeping—-beauty: this is so beautiful Molly! Can’t wait do to my session! :)
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    This girl is so talented! I’m glad to call her my friend!!!
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